New Video “Trophy Hunter: Part Two” Featuring Aidra Fox

Aidra Fox is being featured in a new video over at Girls Way together with Lilly Ford. It was published today with the title “Trophy Hunter: Part Two”.

The girls finish up and Aidra adds another memory: Jones’ panties. She puts them in her special box of memorabilia. What the girls don’t know is that someone has been watching them the whole time. Lily Ford is a little jealous; why can’t she get girls as hot as that? She greets Aidra, who’s still ecstatic over the pussy she has just eaten and wonders if they can talk.

Lily asks how she manages to get girls that hot. She points to her box and explains that those are her trophies, every girl’s panties that she has fucked. Lily can’t believe what a perv she is. Aidra is proud of her conquests and brags about her last fuck. She hands Ivy’s panties to Lily and tells her to smell that fresh, warm pussy juice. Lily smells them saying that it reminds her of a girl she’s into. She promises that after she does her hair and makeup and lends her some of her clothes, she’ll teach her how to get all the hot girls.

There’s only one condition: Aidra wants something in return. She wants Lily. Excited at the prospect, she agrees. With her hair and makeup done, she looks amazing in her new outfit. Lily is thrilled at how great she looks. Overjoyed, she’s eager to return the favor and they kiss and laugh as Aidra escorts her to the bedroom. Soon enough, Aidra’s mouth is on her pussy, licking her panties. She can’t wait to have them in her special box!

Previews of photos related to “Trophy Hunter: Part Two” with Aidra Fox:

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part Two - 1

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part Two - 2

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part Two - 3

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part Two - 4

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part Two - 5

If you’re a member of Girls Way then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.

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