New Video “Trophy Hunter: Part One” Featuring Aidra Fox

Aidra Fox is being featured in a new video over at Girls Way together with Ivy Jones. It was published on Dec 29th under the name “Trophy Hunter: Part One”.

Aidra Fox is spending the afternoon revisiting memories about old lovers. She is going through a box of memorabilia from all the girls she’s been with, when she finds Ivy Jones’ panties in there. She puts them on her face and smells those sweet succulent pussy juices. She picks up the phone and decides that it might be time for her to get lost in Ivy’s pussy.

Ivy, however, is busy studying for a chemistry exam and has a lot of work to do. Aidra suggests that she drops the books so they can make some chemistry together. Unable to resist, Ivy says she’ll be right over. Wasting no time, they fall into each other’s arms. They make out passionately, as if they’ve been apart for years. They kiss as they caress each other’s bodies, taking their time in order to savor each moment. Ivy explores Aidra’s body and slightly squeezes her ass while she puts her tongue in her mouth.

Aidra reciprocates, taking Ivy’s hands and putting them on her chest. She squeezes her tits, which are nice and firm, before taking off her shirt to unveil perfect pink nipples. She sucks and licks them as Aidra moans in delight. They take off each other’s clothes as they devour each other’s pussies and then lick their respective asses. Playing with each other’s pussies, they scream in delight, cumming again and again. It has been a long time and it’s clear the girls have missed each other. And it looks like someone was watching them….

Previews of photos related to “Trophy Hunter: Part One” with Aidra Fox:

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part One - 1

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part One - 2

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part One - 3

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part One - 4

Aidra Fox: Trophy Hunter: Part One - 5

Unfortunately the full update is for Girls Way members only. A trailer is available here.